*waves hand in the air* I’m still here!!! Remember me??

Once again, time has gotten the better of me and before I knew it we were in mid June!

It is that time of the year again, the time that calls for electric blankets, flanette pyjamas, hot chocolate and piping hot showers where you just want to stand there ALL. DAY. LONG. My household has been one massive pile of infection. One kid gets sick, he passes it to the other just as he gets better . . . repeat. Then I get it, then the Naked Daddy gets it and OH MY LORD, man-flu hits and the world stops turning. You know what I am talking about.

* * *

There is still no sleep in the house. The little one, J-Man, continues to wake constantly throughout the night.  He will be 18 months soon and has only slept through a handful of times.  We have tried everything.  We have been to Ngala, we have tried to reset his sleep cycle with medication (under the guidance of our GP of course) and we are now booked in to see Andrea Bogue who is known as the Baby Whisperer.

Sleep deprivation really is the best form of torture and I honestly don’t know how we have gotten as far as we have.  Over the last (almost) 18 month the Naked Daddy and I have never fought, yelled and screamed at each other so much. I have never looked so old. I have never looked so haggard. My house has never been so messy.  I have never cared less about my physical appearance. I have never been so sick, so often.  I have never been such a Mumma failure.  I have never cried so much. I have never hated myself this badly.

But, I have also never loved this fiercely or been this happy.

I tell you what, being an adult is bloody hard work.  It is not what I was expecting, but then again neither is being a Mummy, which makes is as amazing as it is!


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Recipe of the Day

Wow it has been a very long time since I have been here!  That was without intention, time got away from me!

* * *

Nowadays as soon as most people wake up they roll over, grab their iPhone and check Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or email.  Me . . . I grab my iPad and long on to the Thermomix Recipe Community page to see what delectable delights are on display and to have a look at the Recipe of the Day.

Imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I logged on this morning to see my very own receipe the Recipe of the Day.

I was beyond excited!


So, as you can see my username is The Naked Mummy, feel free to drop me a friend request.

Til next time . . . .


Our egg-cellent teacher

We are so in love with Mr T’s school and his teachers that we have decided to do something special for them for Easter as a token of thanks and appreciation for doing such an amazing job in helping him settle in to his pre-kindy year and for helping him to have such a great time.

This is how we did it and what we came up with:-

Get a combination of little Easter eggs and throw in a few speckled M&M’s.


Get some tissue paper and cut it in to strips.  You can use anything for this step; cellophane, cotton balls, coloured paper . . . the world is your oyster!.


Add some ribbon, of any kind.


A jar of some description is an absolute essential!


Find a free printable from somewhere. I got this one from here. Feel free to click on this picture, save it and print it out for your own use.

Eggcellent Teacher (640x640)

Throw it all together and this is what you get:

DSC_0279   DSC_0280

I’m sure they will love them!

What things have you made your child’s school teacher?

If you have made something similar to this feel free to head over to the Facebook picture and post a picture of it.  I’d love to see it!

Twenty Fourteen!

I still can not believe we are at another January 1st.  I love New Years Day, I almost love it just as much as Christmas.  There is something about January 1st and being able to wipe the slate clean.

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance to get it right” – Oprah Winfrey

I have big plans for 2014.

I have big plans for The Naked Mummy.

I have big plans for my children.

I have big plans for my health and fitness.

I have big plans for my social circle and my beautiful friends.

I have big plans for my house.

I have big plans for my hobbies.

I have big plans for my soul.

I have big plans for my relationship.

I have big plans.

Happy New Year

So, may this New Year be so special that you never feel lonely again and be surrounded by loved ones throughout. And may 2014 bring all colours of crazy in to your lives.

The Naked Mummy


A new bloginning

I used to be an avid blogger, had quite a following too back in the day, but that was during a completely different time in my life. I was in a different place, doing different things and moved in completely different circles until something happened. The dreaded D word struck me completely out of the blue. I had no idea it was coming, there were no signs, there were no clues. It completely blindsided me.  Yes, that is right it is the same thing that hits 32% – 46% of Australians every year (according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies).  It is one of the three biggest stressors you will ever encounter.

It is that ugly, stigma attached word . . . DIVORCE

Even now, despite how far I have come and what I now have I can still look back and say that it was one of the most tragic events of my life. However, now almost 6 years on I am so thankful that my world imploded on Valentine’s Day 2008. Everything I have today is because of that, and who knows where I would be and how miserable I would have become had this huge life change not have happened. 

Anyway, that is enough valuable space, time and energy that I have wasted on a man that didn’t deserve me!

Life is great!  I am a 30-something Mother of two beautiful little boys who are the light of my life, my heartbeats.  I am wife to one amazing man, who is a kind of big deal . . . and not just to me or our sons.  I live in Perth and I just happen to know this is the world’s best city. 

I love organisation and all that it entails. I am a working Mum who has a day job but I would sell my soul to be blessed enough to be a stay at home mum.

I love photography and am obsessed with capturing all the special moment I can.  I am so scared I am going to miss a moment and find that it is gone forever. This is one of the reasons that in 3 years of being a mother I have over 30,000 digital photographs of my children, hence I have A LOT of memory on my computer and a number of external hard drives.

I love God, I am not fanatical or a bible basher but I believe in Him, I love Him and I am bringing my children up so reflect this.

I love to cook and OH MY GOD I absolutely adore my thermomix.  It is the best gadget and appliance I have ever been fortunate enough to purchase and I often find myself wondering how I ever ran my household without it!  I believe in using garlic in as much of my cooking as I can.  I believe in sugar and chocolate.  Oh, how I love them.

I think childhood is something that needs to be protected and rejoiced in and I will do everything in my power to keep my children being children for as long as possible.   I believe in never sending your children to bed with a harsh word spoken, always cuddle them, kiss them and given that one more story, one more hug, one more anything.  I believe that you can not spoil a child and I intend to nurture and cherish every second of my children and give them the world and everything in it.

I suffer from anxiety and get nervous about everything!  I am also painfully shy.

I love roses.  I love the way they smell, the way they look and all their amazing colours.

My favourite colour is red.

I believe in close friendships, loyalty and trust and once it is gone it is gone forever.

I believe in keeping every single promise you make.

I believe in making appearances, there is nothing wrong with a flick of mascara, a slick of lipstick. If it makes you feel good, do it!

I believe in trying to make my life as uncomplicated as I can, which is difficult considering how already busy it is.

I believe in my country and I believe there is nothing wrong with being patriotic, but there is something wrong if you are not.

I believe in my children and I believe they are the most amazing gifts and treasures I have ever been given.  They are my air, my life, my heart beats and my everything . . .even though they drive me so GOD DAMN CRAZY!!!!

And that is me. I am looking forward to blogging again after a very long hiatus. I hope you enjoy the cyber ride.

The Naked Mummy